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Asset Protection Services

One of the greatest problems facing the world nowadays is forgery and corruption of data. Institutions need a means to validate received documents in this technological age of advanced equipment capable of replicating an identical original. Also, it could be a need to verify an asset such as vehicles, office equipment etc as a dependence on serial tags that can be changed or swapped is common place nowadays.


What we offer

At UnoTelos, we have partnered with world leading organisations to develop watertight and secure protection for assets spanning from data, documents to vehicles. Our solutions are internationally recognised and already adopted as standards in high ranking international institutions.  

  • Data Protection
  • Document Protection
  • Physical Asset Protection

Data is a valuable asset and depending on the sensitivity of the work done, there might be a need to protect the data being stored in the company's databases whilst providing a means of collaboration with ultimate security and peace of mind.

As the world technology advances, the ability to significantly forge documentation has also improved meaning there is a persistent need to ascertain the authenticity of documents on receipt. Some examples of such documents are degree certificates, bank statements and invoices etc. 

Nowadays, the security tags on assets are not enough to successfully identify stolen goods. New technology is now available to combat the asset market such as vehicles in such a manner to counter or rather completely eliminate the probability of acquiring stolen property with forged documentation or serial numbers in error. 

  1. 2D-Doc

    2D-Doc is a simple and effective way to fight against document fraud and optimize your processes. In containing the key information document (invoices, statements of account information, supporting resources, etc.) in a 2-dimensional bar code (Data Matrix) secure and digitally signed by the issuing body, this technique allows to secure all types of documents as well as digital paper. READ MORE

  2. S-Cube

    The SCUBE is a rugged equipment designed for use in an agency by non-specialist staff. Its simple interface guides users step by step in a process which only the necessary aspects are brought to their attention. READ MORE

  3. Data Dots Technology

    These are tiny particles also known as microdots. Unique numbers such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) are laser etched onto each dot. A unique pin is also etched onto each dot linked to the appropriate VIN for instance. In the case of Vehicle protection, about 10,000 dots are applied to the vehicle with a special adhesive. The spray adhesive has UV additives providing easy identification of sprayed areas. READ MORE