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Cloud Services

As the world develops, the needs of organisations increase and access to information on the go becomes a factor. In essence, business mobility, agility and scalability are key factors for success in todays markets.  Cloud is the way ​to achieve on-demand agility and seamless scalability in operations. Cloud services can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users. The major attraction of its use is mainly because the service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service meaning there’s no added cost on a business to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service.


What we offer

At UnoTelos, we would initially assess and consult with our customers to examine and understand their business needs after which our Cloud IPs, assets, solutions, and services are then tailored to meet the specific customer requirements. Our Cloud services are designed to provide an easy to use, scalable access to essential applications, resources and services, and are fully managed by our partner service providers. 

  • Cloud Enabled Infrastructure Transformation
  • Cloud R&D
  • Cloud Enabled Application Transformation

Traditionally, Infrastructure Outsourcing Services assume businesses to have unidirectional dynamism with focus on one aspect of Cloud at a time. Hence the entire solution, whether technical or commercial, is built along those lines. The traditional 'tower' models will not help leverage benefits across the different layers of business processes, applications and infrastructure, making it critical to have a unified view.

Cloud is still an area where new opportunities are identified by the day. While one of the main reasons for IT organizations within enterprises to focus on using Cloud is to reduce CAPE​X, the Lines-of-Business within enterprises are starting to view Cloud as a model for business inn​ovation.

Cloud application migration and modernization is an imperative with legacy systems increasingly proving incapable of supporting unpredictable business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography deployments.

  1. Remote Wide Area Surveillance

    Monitor, manage, store, and share HD video from one to millions of locations with cloud-powered video surveillance from UnoTelos. READ MORE

  2. Mass Notification System

    Increase the efficiency of your business continuity team by arming them with the tools they need for effective communications. The Notification Center is the mass notification system used by industry leading organizations around the world to successfully deliver the right messages to the right people and devices even during a fast-moving crisis. READ MORE

  3. Mobile Incident Management

    Our emergency notification and incident management mobile apps enable your team to drive an incident response to a successful conclusion, no matter where they are located. READ MORE

  4. C3 Classroom Content Cloud

    The Critical Links C3 (Classroom Content Cloud) solution is a new, comprehensive solution that enables the delivery of digitized content quite literally anywhere – whether there is connectivity or not (or poor connectivity), whether there is stable power supply or not, whether its a rural or mobile or urban setting; whatever end devices (tablets, laptops) are being used etc. READ MORE