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Emergency Notification and Incident Management Services

Everyone likes when everything about their business, community or organisation runs smoothly. But what if something does happen. Since the advent of smartphones and technological advancements, it is now possible to monitor, contact or coordinate the adequate resources or individuals  required to properly investigate and respond to any disruption. All these are done in real time made possible by cloud technology; it also eliminates the time wasted trying to contact adequate respondents and departments individually without knowing the status or location of the contacted party.

Emergency Notification and Incident Management Systems have been developed to tackle this issue. It could be a hazard such as floods, earthquakes and fire or it could be an urgent product recall by companies. It could even be a need to notify impacted parties within any organisation of any type of disruption. All this can now be done in real time and with peace of mind that all impacted parties would be reached via any possible method from fax, email, pagers, mobile phones and even rudimentary analogue systems.

What we offer

UnoTelos has partnered with MissionMode to deliver this unparalleled service. We endeavour to ask our clients these questions "How prepared are you?" Do you have business continuity plans in place for every potential unplanned disruption? Are your teams trained and ready to deploy these plans at a moment’s notice? Are they armed with the tools they need to quickly and easily notify impacted parties and manage disruptive events with minimal business impact?

The Situation Center Suite helps businesses manage routine events and major emergencies with easy to use incident management and mass notification tools that will dramatically simplify your business continuity processes.

  1. Desktop Alerting/Digital Signage

    Desktop Alerts are a simple way to deliver notifications to all or selected PCs and Macs across your enterprise in the event of an emergency. Desktop Alerts are easy to send and activate instantly when triggered through the server. READ MORE

  2. Mass Notification System

    Increase the efficiency of your business continuity team by arming them with the tools they need for effective communications. The Notification Center is the mass notification system used by industry leading organizations around the world to successfully deliver the right messages to the right people and devices even during a fast-moving crisis. READ MORE

  3. Mobile Incident Management

    Our emergency notification and incident management mobile apps enable your team to drive an incident response to a successful conclusion, no matter where they are located. READ MORE

  4. Interactive Field Communications

    Our Earshot solution was specifically designed to facilitate interactive crisis communications across remote locations. EarShot goes far beyond simple notification. It combines a unique mobile app, web-based control console and emergency notification into one integrated system. READ MORE

  5. Interactive Weather Planning

    MissionMode has partnered with AccuWeather to provide web-based software for identifying weather-related threats, rapidly notifying people, coordinating the response, and effectively responding to the threats. This is the only comprehensive incident management and emergency notification system for responding to severe weather events. READ MORE