noniusNONIUS.HSIA solution is a highly advanced solution for Hospitality Internet access management. Due to its efficient usage of the link(s) capacity, the high availability and high performance, makes the NONIUS.HSIA, an ideal solution for high density Wi-Fi hotspots (e.g. Hotels with large conference spaces).

nonius2The WGServer is a high availability and reliability appliance with all the necessary gateway and server functions to manage Internet access. It’s main application is the management and control of Internet access hotspots. It combines the functionalities of a hotspot gateway, the network services of a network server, and the integrated Internet access management and billing software, needed for small and medium scale ISPdeployment.

This Hospitality Solution is based on Nonius.HSIA gateway for the Internet Access Management and Control, and it enables:

  • High Speed Internet access (HSIA) with built in features to manage and provide a superior Internet experience
  • Allows seamless connectivity to any mobile device including laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Provides efficient bandwidth management per user, VLAN, per session rate limiting, volume limiting and ISP link bandwidth management

NONIUS.HSIA Key Features:

  • High-speed Internet Access;
  • Compatible with mobile devices;
  • Plug-and-Play Zero configuration Client Access;
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance and support;
  • Login Portal customization with hotel/Ship branding;
  • Different billing options regarding bandwidth speed, time, data limitation;
  • Integration with PMS;
  • Hotspot Gateway (captive portal for user login);
  • High Availability (Failover, Load Balancing, QoS, Caching) to multiple Internet links;
  • User-friendly Back-Office Management Interface;
  • Customizing the Access Gateway in accordance with picture of Hotel/Ship and possibility advertising.

Flexible and Efficient Bandwidth Management for Guests Internet Access

NONIUS.HSIA can handle any type property, even the most demanding scenarios. Can handle the high density sites with Gigabit ISP links whilst still being a perfect fit for those sites where link capacity is still an issue e.g. ships, rural properties, and countries where internet access links have still limited bandwidth.

The following is a description of how the efficiency of link, availability and performance are achieved.

Efficient usage of Link capacity is the result of:

  • Advanced QoS – per user, group and service.
  • The advanced traffic management (QoS) guaranties the most efficient use of the link capacity available in the hotspot.
  • Traffic management is done on several levels: per user, per group of users, per service type, per link.
  • Uplink and downlink speeds can be controlled not only per user but also per group. This is ideal for the case of conferences/events.
  • Prioritization and Control of traffic per type of service is ideal to guaranty that low bandwidth and time critical services work on any condition. SkypeTM is the example of such service.


  • Filtering of traffic is also done to avoid unnecessary usage of link capacity. There is lots of traffic generated by the computer OS that makes no sense to send uplink on a Wi-Fi hotspot. Nonius HSIA gateway does all that necessary filtering.


  • DNS cache is also done by the gateway. Sometimes neglected but, of the utmost importance to efficient usage of link capacity and for fast response to user internet navigation.
  • HTTP cache is also done by the gateway. 5 GBytes for most seen http contents. Implemented with embedded HTTP transparent Proxy.

High Availability is achieved through:

  • Link load balancing.
  • Nonius HSIA gateway implements also link load balancing. Up to 6 links of any nature (DSL, fiber, VSAT, Cellular, etc) coming into the appliance.
  • The gateway balances traffic per TCP/UDP IP connection and not per user. This is the most efficient way to do balancing of traffic.
  • Link failover / Link monitoring.
  • Nonius HSIA gateway monitors the link status, link bandwidth usage and activates/deactivates the links automatically according to status.

Nonius has been developing and deploying these HSIA gateways for more than 10 years and has successfully worked with UnoTelos for deployments in Nigeria. The state of excellence achieved in this technology is the result of constant evolution of the software of the gateway.

Most of the improvements come from the fact that UnoTelos/Nonius has very close relationship with its clients and has been evolving the gateway based on what is actually seen in the field, in real conditions and in more than 850 sites.

Captive Portal – User Interface

To log on to the Internet, the guest only needs to connect to the SSID that is broadcasted. Once connected the user is redirected to the captive portal. The system can be configured to allow for open access – no login credentials required.

The captive portal is customizable according to CLIENT standards and it’s available in 5 languages; English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish and it’s fully compatible with all browser types (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

The picture below presents an example of a customized captive portal.