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In this post, we want to show you what you can do with Live Video. Some of the comments we get about Live Video are ‘what do I need it for’, ‘how do I use it’, ‘I don’t have an event coming up’. In all of this, we have seen that most brands do not yet know how to tap into Live Video to tell their stories and/or engage their customers. We will start by showing you what some top brands have done with their Live Videos. The idea is to tell a story that your customer will engage with, share, and talk about later.

What top brands are doing with Live Video
1) Special Announcements/Product Highlighting – When General Motors was going to announce a very efficient, commercial electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt EV, they did it live on Facebook. The first auto brand to do so.

2) Live Question & Answer/Customer engagement sessions – Experian, a credit scoring platform uses live video to answer questions from users and also collects live complaints, issues from their users. The Live sessions are fun, witty & informative. They also use the live sessions to help people make important money decisions to keeping good credit.


3) Live Events – Spotify engages in active live streaming of musical performances they organize. They do this to make the events accessible to millions of people who can not attend the event. Live streaming events is the most popular use of Live Video. It gives brands a means to send their message viral without the additional cost & resources to manage people attendance. Cost to acquire a big venue, deploy necessary health management, security to control the crowd and other costs can be reduced.



4) Backstage/Behind the scenes – Engaging audience with backstage footage allows them connect with the passion a brand is putting into providing value for them. Madden video games live streamed backstage action of its game players as they focused on their screens and challenge one another. Showing followers how their favorite shows, or even products, services are done connects them to the brand and makes a consumer feel like part of the process in bringing that product or service to life.



Some ways you can utilize the power of Live Video;

  • Offer a live course. Teach your customers a feature or two. Or better still, solve a related problem as the expert.
    Do a live customer care session. Let them ask you their questions, solve customer problems in real time.
    Show customers what to expect when they engage with your product or service.
    Crowd-sourcing. Get feedback on new ideas/prototypes. Let them guide you on what they really want/need.
    Crowdfunding. Same as above. Get funds to push your next idea to live. Go live and tell your audience what you want to do, what you hope it achieves and gather their support. In funds.
    Show project status. Transparency is rewarded by loyalty. What is the current state of things, they want to know.
    Product launch/demo. Ahah. Product is ready. And you have invited all the media houses. What about your faithful customers?
    – Run live contests/quizzes. Make it fun and infotaining(informative & entertaining).

In our next post, we will discuss some things to take into consideration when planning to do a Live Video of your product or service. Do you currently do any Live Videos, we will love to see your stories, please drop a link to your page, video in the comment session. You can also reach out to the Business Development Team to talk more on Live Video. Just email businessdev@unotelos.com

Ayoola Animashaun
Business Development Unit,
UnoTelos Ltd.