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We offer government parastatals, Ministries, United Nations, and hospitals access to:

IQ Board

We have four soluions under IQ board and they include:

Interactive Whiteboard

It is an upgraded, lightweight version of the traditional whiteboard. Its minimalist design accommodates modern classrooms and conference rooms. To ac...

Interactive Dualboard

Combined highly integrated interactive whiteboard and electronic green board to achieve dual board interconnection and interactive function.

Whiteboard with Infrared Interactivity

In comparison to ET and PS boards, it offers a low price, consistent performance, and long-lasting use. No special pen is needed to draw or write on t...

Digital Interactive Whiteboard (DVT)

Application of Digital Vision Touch technology doesn’t require a special pen. It is equipped with built-in high-speed infrared cameras and a thinner f...

Classroom Content Cloud

Our Innovative Micro-Cloud Platform at UnoTelos offers millions of students access to global knowledge and resources that e-Learning can provide. The Micro-Cloud changes all that – anytime, anywhere. The Classroom Content Cloud is a self-contained, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that can dramatically simplify the delivery of digitized content to schools everywhere. Irrespective of the internet connectivity and power constraints, availability of technically skilled personnel, school location (urban or rural), and the specific student devices.

Micro Cloud

Plug-and-play solution with powerful tools and possibilities.


Easy and fast connection to locally cached resources.

Digital Content

Online and offline content.

Internet Access

Manages internet access by profile.

Internet Speed

Manages internet speed by caching HTTP and HTTPS pages and prioritising access by user profile.

Centralised Management

Manages configuration from a central location.

All environment friendly

Works anywhere, regardless of location.

Compatible devices

Works on any internet-enabled device.

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