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Scale up your oil & gas company's processes and performance with our customized AI technology.

At Uno Telos Limited, Our AI and O&G technologies for the oil and gas sector fuel the wave of innovations and discoveries. They revolutionise companies' access to internal and external information while ensuring speed and security, regardless of size.

Exploration & Discovery

Seismic Image Enhancement

Full Waveform Inversion


Unconventional Fracking

Optimal Placement

Extraction & Production

Fiber-based characterization of subsurface/fracking patterns.

Production optimization

Strategy & Operations

Digital analogue search

Price prediction for production forecasting.

UnoTelos X Gigster

We at Uno Telos Limited have partnered with Gigster, a prominent global search engine firm, to offer your oil and gas company the greatest AI Modeling and Solution Use-Cases based on three (3) essential principles:

Scientific Computing

Seismic processing, reservoir simulations, turbine design, CFD simulations, wind farm layout, forecast power generation, etc.

Insight from Data

3D earth model prediction, Fault extraction, Channel extraction, Carbonate extraction, Salt Identification, etc. Remote inspections of wind turbines, ...

Real-Time Operations

Connecting IoT, Oil and gas rigs, solar & wind farms, power grids, charging stations for electric vehicles, smart meters, and consumer devices to the ...

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