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We automate public service delivery from urban to grassroots for optimal social and economic benefits

We offer government parastatals, Ministries, United Nations, and hospitals access to:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its analytical and predictive skills to assist governments in making quicker and more accurate decisions. This is helpful in areas like credit scoring, tax evasion, and disease tracking.
  • Document Digitisation for efficiency in communications and record management, which will translate to automated backups, more security, improved communications, and easy access to information.
  • Improved communications, as information can be spread internally and externally through technology.
  • Automation to maximise staff productivity, cost, and deadlines, amongst others.
  • Organisational Efficiency

Vaccine Management System

Our vaccine administration management platform has been in use since 2015. We partnered with the United Nations Development Program to provide an easy-to-use, secure online and offline tool for the COVID-19 Vaccine from the time vaccinations are delivered until they are administered.

Schedule vaccinations

Use VMS to schedule appointments for individuals, including follow-up doses. Self-registration and verification with National ID for individuals.

Manage clinic operations

Inventory management, document completion of vaccination process (issue certificate with QR code and optional bracelet), capture and document any adve...

Manage organization

Registration of vaccine delivery centres, vaccine administrators, and first responders. It is easily accessible through App or bracelet to verify immu...

Online Passport solution and decentralisation

An essential service in this modern world is a decentralised online passport system. The average turnaround time for passport applications has constantly been cut by 60% thanks to this technology in other nations, enabling governments to remove barriers to obtaining passports and enhance the provision of public services. Our online passport solution and decentralisation have the ability to handle the rising demand for passports, get rid of long lines, and enhance inventory control.

Telecom AssuranceSystem (TAS)

Our Telecom Assurance System (TAS) is more than just a way to collect taxes and telecom usage fees. It is a comprehensive solution created to manage and safeguard the entire telecoms value chain, decreasing crime and associated revenue losses while eliminating fraud

Revenue and tax collection for the Government

TAS enables the deployment of key telecoms infrastructure allowing the regulator or the state to regulate and control the telecoms sector. Effective t...

Protection of telecom users from criminal activity

TAS includes cutting edge Fraud Management. It is real-time and predictive, identifying fraudulent calls and rejecting them to prevent fraud from ever...

Control of low-quality illegal devices and voice calls

TAS is pivotal in the fulfillment of government objectives to combat the grey phone market to align with the ‘Bridging the standardization gap’ strate...

Import and export data digitization (barcode and QR code)

Despite growing efforts by the corporate sector, government, and other NGOs, counterfeiting and piracy remain a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that is highly prevalent across nations and industries. Our platform uses cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges that the ministry of trade faces today and in the future. Its goal is to ensure that all exports are digitalized in order to boost export revenues and make the exporting process simpler for exporters by using a single platform that can integrate with GS1, IBN, and other systems.

In addition to allowing accountable institutions to take charge and improve the supply chain mechanism for the larger general good, we would welcome the chance to submit our approach to addressing the problem created by counterfeiting.

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