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AI & Robotics

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We combine AI with IoT, delivered through a reliable network,to provide end-to-end delivery of the best decision-making tool.To constantly improve efficiency and productivity.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions

I-sense is a fourth-generation data acquisition hardware controller facilitating 24/7 seamless operations at reduced operating costs. It is the perfect solution for the burgeoning issues that tower companies face today. It monitors all tower elements with 100% accuracy and guarantees measurable post-implementation benefits in five main areas.

Centralized Control

Multiple sites and towers can be monitored from a single platform

Seamless Integration

I-sense can seamlessly integrate with our other software solutions and provide valuable insights from the data acquired

Cost Effective

Save costs by providing real-time updates on all passive elements at tower sites, and effectively tracking alarm conditions and pilferage

Predictive Maintainace

It acts as an advanced risk alert system for inclement environmental conditions and external threats

Energy Efficient & Carbon Footprint

Monitors fuel consumption and battery charge levels, while predicting refill schedules

Efficient Security Management

Observes electronic surveillance systems at sites.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitates continuous aviation lamp monitoring which is mandatory for all tower companies.


Telecom Tower Remote Monitoring Solution

End to End Remote Site Monitoring System (includes Energy), iToc (NOC user interface) and mobile app, Data Analytics, OSS Integration, WFM/TT, Rectifier, Generator, Li Ion Battery, Solar Inverter/MMPT controller interfacing.

Generator Remote Monitoring Solution

M2M/IoT device to monitor Generator, Tracking of fuel level, Generator maintenance track, Generator load trends, Load imbalance & Battery health monitoring

Solar Remote Monitoring Solution

Solar PV panels, Turnkey solution of Solar implementation at site, Hybrid Controlling with Remote monitoring

Inverter & Battery Management System

Monitor the input and output parameters of the inverter, Cell level Battery Monitoring, Indication of Faulty cells, Cell level Voltage, Impedance, Temperature Monitoring, Bank-Charge/Discharge monitoring, Battery Change Over Module for hybrid DC power harness

Analytics & AI

Diesel generators, batteries, amongst others are highly valuable, cost-consuming assets that are essential infrastructure required to maintain telecom tower uptime. To meet their SLAs and reduce costs, MNOs & Tower Cos need to monitor these assets and keep them in optimum conditions. Performance monitoring systems provide access to performance parameters. When paired with good digital twins, they can predict and avoid issues that lead to equipment failure and unplanned outages.

Smart Distribution Panel Meters

Smart multifunction distribution panel meters monitors and measure all electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, active power, app...

Advanced Energy Meters

Advanced energy meters enable two-way-communication networks to control centre equipment and all the applications that enable the gathering and transf...

Control Meters

The generator controller is designed for automatic switching between the two power sources via Grid and Generator. It senses the availability of Grid ...

VAF Meters

VAF meters are True RMS type digital meters for use in three-phase four-wire LT electrical systems. The design of these meters is based on proven micr...

DC Meters

Invendis DC Energy Meter (iDEM) is designed to monitor and control DC systems and measure a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power a...

Preapid Meters

A user-friendly contactless prepaid metering solution with LoRa to help you to make a private network independent of a service provider. Supports long...

AI + IOT Platform

Our advanced AI platforms are quick-to-deploy, simple to use and affordable. We use our AI + IoT platform and data science expertise to solve real-world problems and enable our customers to achieve their business goals – not just their technical ones. The end goal of our onsite data gathering with IoT sensors is the delivery of brilliant industrial real-time monitoring, control, and predictive analytics solutions.

All-in-one Platform

For all your AI & IoT needs.

IoT Security

The world's safest IoT platform.

IoT Device Management

Control everything, anywhere.

Machine Learning:AI Dynamix

In-built & as-standard.

Platform Integrations

Integrate everything & anything.

Predictive Analytics

Know the future.

Carrier Grade IOT Network

Beyond sensors, your IoT network is the backbone of your deployment. We provide a reliable LoRaWAN network, proven in deployments with thousands of gateways and millions of devices. Our network offers an extensive feature-set with a highly-scalable architecture, supporting national and local deployments alike with full redundancy and high availability.

Smart City

We offer seamless, scalable, secure ethernet networking infrastructure technology for smart cities. Our distributed switching technology upgrades cities with broadband networks & electricity ready to connect rich content sensors, cameras, displays or any other IoT device with a secure high performing network everywhere without the disruption and costs typical to alternatives. We deliver a solution to spread points of communication based on existing lamppost systems, in a more efficient, cheap, and reliable way.

High Availability

For all your AI & IoT needs.

Communication Cabinet

The world's safest IoT platform.

Non-disruptive Installation

Control everything, anywhere.

Provides Power

In-built & as-standard.

Battery Latency

Integrate everything & anything.

Reduced Cabling

Know the future.

Smart Lock

Outside Plant

Centralised access management and monitoring application for network infrastructure and a range of specialised access chambers.

Secure Examination Management

A globally unique solution used to securely control access to examination scripts and audio-visually monitor exam venues as a full remote management service of national examinations.

Cargo Protection

Provides an advanced range of integrated locking solutions which cater for the diverse requirements of the global logistics industry.

Cash Management

Unique integrated locking solutions for secure access control for high-risk cash management applications.

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Unique Remote Monitoring Services delivered as an Integrated platform.

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