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Cloud Services


We offer arrays of innovative cloud management solutions depending on the objectives.

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Innovative Micro-Cloud Platform

Millions of students can’t reach the global knowledge and resources that e-Learning can provide. The Micro-Cloud changes all that – anytime, anywhere. The Classroom Content Cloud is a self-contained, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that can dramatically simplify the delivery of digitized content to schools everywhere. Irrespective of internet connectivity and power constraints, availability of technically skilled personnel, school location (urban or rural), or specific student devices.

Micro Cloud

Plug-and-play solution with powerful tools and possibilities.


Easy and fast connection to locally cached resources.

Digital Content

Online and offline content.

Internet Access

Manages internet access by profile.

Internet Speed

Manages internet speed by caching HTTP and HTTPS pages and prioritising access by user profile.

Centralised Management

Manages configuration from a central location.

All environment friendly

Works anywhere, regardless of location.

Compatible devices

Works on any internet-enabled device.

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