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Metaverse platforms

Today the web is a solo 2D experience built on video and flat web pages. ‘The Metaverse’ is the marketing term used for the evolution of the internet into a shared 3D social experience in virtual worlds.

As the metaverse grows, organisations and brands expand their presence in bespoke virtual environments or ‘meta worlds.’ In these immersive spaces, consumers, clients and teams inhabit avatars that enable them to collaborate and connect in real-time. The metaverse is best suited for groups where social interaction, communication, and scalability are the priorities.

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Multiplatform Support

ENGAGE supports most mainstream VR devices, PCs, macOS, phones and tablets. Please select your chosen platform below for the required specifications and download instructions.

Data Analytics Acceleration

We partner with SQream to liberate customer organisations from their growing data stores while achieving their full potential through a data analytics acceleration platform built for Massive Data.

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