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SDN Network Operating Software (NOS)

The NoviWare™ Network Operating System is the networking industry’s highest-performance implementation of SDN, featuring Open, programmable match-action pipelines optimised for high performance switching chipsets such as the Mellanox NP-4 and NP-5 and Barefoot’s 6.5 Tbps Tofino chip. Architected from the ground up to be a reliable, scalable platform for OpenFlow, gRPC, and P4-Runtime, NoviWare offers the industry’s most complete implementation of the OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 standard as well as a smooth upgrade path to the next generation of PISA architecture based SDN applications and solutions.

NoviWare is ideal for switches, WAN IP/MPLS routers, network appliances and other high-bandwidth forwarding planes. NoviWare has been deployed around the world in NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch™ products, and it is also offered via software license to OEM and ODM switching platform suppliers. And NoviWare is available for use in production networks in equipment running the Mellanox NP-5 and the Barefoot Tofino and is also supported on the X86 platforms for use in network application development and testing. By supporting Open Standards, NoviWare frees customers from vendor lock-in and enables them to choose best-of-breed solutions for their networks instead of restricting them to vertically integrated silos. Supported SDN controllers include P4 Runtime, ONOS, Open Daylight, NEC PFC, Faucet, RYU, OpenKilda, NoviFlow’s CyberMapper and various customer proprietary controllers.

NoviWare’s advantages

One of NoviWare’s greatest competitive advantages is that it follows a software development cycle, resulting in up to three major software upgrades per year. And thus offers long in-service lifetimes for devices using NoviWare. It also means that the capabilities of NoviWare can be quickly and easily extended to meet evolving customer needs.

Cybersecurity Load Balancing


THE GROWTH OF YOUR NETWORK IS NOT BEING SUPPORTED BY CRITICAL NETWORK SERVICES! With the introduction of virtualisation, cloud computing, and widely used mobile devices, traffic volumes are growing tremendously. Additionally, the types of services given depend more and more on a wide range of commercial operations offered as services that operate a...


Network and cybersecurity services are scaled economically into the multi-terabit range by NOVIFLOW's launch of policy-based service chaining and load balancing.Without physical taps, NoviFlow's NoviMapper provides efficient load balancing, packet brokering, and telemetry collecting capabilities. This allows duplicating packets on the primary netwo...


Simplifies and reduces costs at the Network/Cloud Edge by off-loading service chaining, load-balancing, packet brokering and monitoring functions to high-performance white-box SDN switches.

Elastically and economically scale critical network services such as security assets (e.g. 5G, DDoS, firewalls, etc.)

Multi-Terabit throughput capabilities at an affordable price point that provides low-cost carrier-grade horizontal scaling of security services and VNFs

Dynamic Packet Steering to Active in-line tools, including dynamic pass list to bypass tool farm and deep inspection inside of encapsulated packets (can Inspect IP headers inside multiple label encapsulation)

Proportional Load Balancing to Tool Farm – enhanced Enumerated Load Balancing algorithm to service Tool devices with different throughput capabilities, easily accommodating environments where Tool devices have been added over time and thus vary in capabilities.

Filter protocol control packets from being sent to tool farms

Dynamic Tap/Select Services – the ability to dynamically initiate and manage taps and filter network traffic via SDN

Dynamic Load Balancing and non-Destructive Fail-Over Services – Tool Farm dynamic scaling in real-time and non-destructive fail-over while protecting the stateful information (metadata) about flows as virtualised tools are spun up or down in response to changes in traffic

Cluster Activity Dashboard – a web-based dashboard that presents the activity and allocation of the flow Load Balancing to the Tool Farm in real-time


It makes Network-Edge services and applications faster to deploy and less expensive to scale and operate

Provides dynamic scalability of cybersecurity functions and multi-server tool farms into the Terabit range

Network solutions that are agile to evolve as requirements change

Faster prototyping and rollout of new networking functionality and protocols, such as INT

No forced obsolescence of networking equipment as it may be reprogrammed and repurposed

More choices through the disaggregation of networking hardware and software into white boxes and NoviWare

Independent scaling of control plane and data planes as the network grows or to fit different types of networking functionality

Less vendor lock-in due to reliance on open protocols and technologies

Programmable Network Solutions

Uno Telos, in partnership with NoviFlow, is a leading vendor of Programmable Network Solutions for network operators, data centres and government agencies seeking more remarkable performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks. Our network solutions work directly with your applications and the systems that control, optimise and secure your company’s business operations. We free you from vendor lock-in and allow you to easily and quickly evolve and scale your network as your business grows.

5G Cyber & Telecom Security

Complete end-to-end digital solution for the S&D environment.This solution handles the distribution of recharge/credit from the operator level down the hierarchy of the distribution network while giving all players in the ecosystem access to the platform via the secure web interface, USSD, or MTN Mobile App.

We provide the following in partnership with AdaptiveMobile Security

AdaptiveMobile Security delivers the solution

4G / 5G Multi-Protocol Signalling Security Firewall

Securing 4G and 5G interconnections

Threat Intelligence Services

Signalling Firewall Management Prioritisation of detected threats

Signalling Intelligence Services

Active responses to changing threat landscape


Enhanced Security Edge Proxy Platform


Securing internal network slice operations

Vertical API Protection

Securing API interfaces

Telecom Revenue Assurance

For too long, telecom operators lost millions of dollars in revenue because legacy revenue assurance systems could not report reconciliations soon enough. LATRO’s Revenue Assurance Solutions and Managed Services allow you to focus on what is important in your job role by delivering innovations (that LATRO is well-known for) like Near Real-Time Reconciliations, AI-enabled tracking engine, and more.

Introducing Versassure

LATRO’s Revenue Assurance Solution, Versassure, allows you to focus on your core business by providing exceptional customer experience and ensuring that all services have been correctly provisioned, billing is accurate, and customer complaints are minimal. The various modules of Versassure allow you to ensure that different aspects of your core network, marketing, finance, and customer service, are functioning correctly.


Near Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Big Data Analytics (Scalable, Open-Source)

Data Enrichment

Machine Learning Capabilities

Interactive and Customizable Dashboards

Customisable notifications (Emails and SMS)

Pre-configured (risk controls) available out-of-the-box

Security Management

Choose your deployment – On-premise, private, hybrid, or public cloud.

Fraud Management

For over a decade, telecom operators have used LATRO solutions to effectively prevent telecom fraud, including International Bypass (SIM Box) Fraud, CLI Masking (Refiling), and Off-Net Bypass, among others.

Introducing Versalytics

Versalytics is LATRO’s Advanced Analytics Solution for Fraud Management and Prevention. It brings some of the most innovative solutions (like Signaling Analytics, Protocol Signature, Pre-Call Detection, Multi-Layered Approach, and more) from LATRO together to help telecom operators and national regulators take the fight back to the fraudster. With the expertise and industry-wide experience of LATRO’s analysts, Versalytics enables you to beat fraud before it occurs.

International (SIM Box) Bypass Fraud

Fraudsters bypass legitimate routes and use VoIP “Grey Routes” to terminate traffic towards GSM Gateways (SIM Boxes) in the destination network. It remains one of the most common revenue-damaging types of telecom fraud worldwide. Check out how you can not just stop but eliminate this fraud.

Off-Net SIM Box Bypass Fraud

Are you struggling with the challenges of fighting Off-Net SIM Box Fraud in your networks? Find out how we can help you.

CLI Refiling Fraud

CLI Refiling can sometimes be mistaken for SIM Box Bypass Fraud or False Positive occurrences (if normal subscriber CLIs are being spoofed). Ultimately, the terminating Operator incurs a revenue loss due to incoming international traffic with manipulated CLIs that do not match the originating A-Party.

CLI Spoofing and Refile detection

We partnered with Six Degrees to deliver RVS, built from the outset as a system for real-time detection of CLI Spoofing and Refile and to prevent fraud before harm has been done. In the last year, RVS has detected and blocked 500m CLI Spoofed / Refile calls into our customer networks.

Digital Twin Factory

We partnered with Avataa to create and manage digital twins of assets, teams, products, and customers. We adjust your digital twin’s behaviour to accommodate your business needs and leave project audit trails for everything you do with digital twins.

Workflows: Twin to Automate

avataa digitally twins - capture, recreate, and automatically document workflows throughout the company.avataa allows you to quickly implement changes in your business through what-if scenarios and scoring models.avataa delegates repetitive tasks to the machine, leaving only essential decisions and complex tasks to professionals.

Automation: delegate and outsource

avataa delegates routine to the machine, transforming projects into automatically run tasks. avataa allows to safely and securely outsource jobs that the machine can not yet do by automatically auditing outsourcing performance and deadlines.avataa automates product and service development, audits and supervision, and analytics and reporting.Cross-functional, multi-regional, and inter-company tasks connect through avataa automation for worldwide scalability.

Digitalisation: Accelerate and Scale

avataa groups and filters projects by types, stages, priorities, and deadlines to avoid bottlenecks and project delays. avataa digitally twins existing assets, workflows and projects through task automation and robotic process automation (RPA)avataa is sustainable development using data science and machine learning for acceleration and automatic executionavataa automates expert supervision and history trails for automated and manual tasks, enabling scalability and sustainability.

Lepton Software

With the power of Location Intelligence, Unveil ways to Maximise Return on Network Investment. Our Telecom solutions empower companies with increased sales, and decreased risk and aid in finding where network investment will bring high growth revenue.

Location Intelligence and GIS Solution for Telecom

Uno Telos Limited and Lepton support the telecom industry with effective solutions that are capable enough to efficiently plan, design, maintain, and document a network's complete planning and inventory.


Update Inventory

Create, visualise and update Inventory from any time, anywhere.

Network View

Provides a consistent network view to support decision-making and business planning.


Can be integrated with an enterprise’s existing OSS/BSS system.

Network Monitoring

Provides in-depth knowledge of network areas to make managers and sales representatives identify areas under their charge.

Real-time view

PProvides Real-time view of the utilisation of telecom assets.

Plan Predictive Maintenance

Monitor and visualise location-based preventive maintenance schedule.


Centralised Bulk Feasibility Visualisation

Centralised bulk feasibility visualisation.

View Asset Utilisation

Generate fibre & copper utilisation reports with a unified map view.

Quick Feasibility Check

Search addresses and check feasibility quickly for enterprises or residential customers.


Predictive Planning

Make better decisions by identifying trouble spots and visualising network scenarios.

Monitor Network

Gain a better understanding of network areas for each manager and sales rep. Can identify areas under their charge.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Efficiently analyse and share necessary regulatory requirement information with governing agencies.


Find New Customers

Improve sales and profitability through effective target marketing data and analytics.

Identify Market Growth

Find new market opportunities based on coverage area and customer feedback.

Improve Marketing Strategy

Perform statistical and marketing analysis to determine the effectiveness of current campaigns.


Manage Fleet

Track/Manage field force with Google Maps using GPS-enabled devices.

Job Scheduling

Get predictive travel time and assign tasks/jobs based on proximity.

Improve Maintenance & Repair

Locate all equipment and technicians in real-time with faster results and easy data sharing.


Customer Convenience

Helps navigate customers to nearest business locations.

Plan & Store Network Expansion

Use customer search data and perform a gap analysis to plan new branches.

Customer Feedback

Heatmap of customer feedback across different stores can be generated and visualised on an interactive map.


Fast RF Planning

Use high-quality RF Maps for wireless network planning, RF planning & network optimisation.

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your location insights via required data products.

Business Monitoring

Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data etc.

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