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Deploy our solutions in different spaces within the telco and tech space.

With over a decade of experience in providing ICT Solutions to Mobile Network Operators, UnoTelos Ltd as a forward-thinking company has earned recognition as the most innovative SI.

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Network Solution

SMS FW, SS7 FW, Deep Packet Inspection and Internet Solution, WEB Filtering Solutions, Data Lawful Intercept Solution, IP Reputation, Network Inventor...

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Solution

This relies on AI to combat CLI Masking/Refilling & SIMBOX to protect the price in the International wholesale market and the termination volume/termi...

Enterprise Solution

We offer Metaverse solutions, API MarketPlace, dEnterprise Solutions, Geo-Location Based Services, AI & Data Analytics.

IS Solutions

Digital Transformation (BSS/OSS), Data Analytics Acceleration Solution.

Digitization of S&D

Complete end-to-end digital solution for the S&D environment.This solution handles the distribution of recharge/credit from the operator level down the hierarchy of the distribution network while giving all players in the ecosystem access to the platform via the secure web interface, USSD, or MTN Mobile App.

Real-time visibility into sales data and reports, generated revenue, top resellers, etc.

Improves marketing, and boosts efficiency and sales.

Offers precise inventory management.

Help in gaining access to markets where MTN is facing competition or subscribers with Dual SIM Card.

STL Solution

API Marketplace and dEnterprise Solution

STL API Marketplace enables monetization opportunities across the ecosystem through an ability to build business plans & subscription policies with standardized API management functions.

It is enabled by creating insights on the consumption and usage of APIs like exposing “most consumed APIs” or “Top Application APIs,” which can help Service providers or producers set up monetization policies with innovative revenue sharing.

dEnteprise Solution provides automated business journeys for enterprise service enablement with new revenue models on real-time partner & product onboarding.

It provides advanced capabilities on Sales automation Processes, Configurable Order Workflows, milestone & percentile-based charging for enterprise services, SLA Restitution, and split billing.

This real-time aspect ensures flexible charging dates while eliminating the issue of unbilled data usage.

Geo-Location-Based Services OEM Intersec

Our partner is a leader in location-based services. In the UK, the three leading MNO went into a consortium to generate revenue via location-based advertising using our partner’s solution.

The B2B and B2C use cases were discussed where the following areas were generated:

MTN to arrange a demo/meeting with the commercial teams on the monetization use-cases.

MTN to set another meeting on Geo-Track i.e, Asset management and monitoring which is an area of interest for IS department.

Metaverse Solution

The platform offers a virtual communications environment that simulates the way we interact in the physical world, but without physical limitations. You can use our partner’s platform for multi-user events, collaboration, training, education, and much more.

The platform is the most advanced virtual reality platform designed for professionals.

During 2020/21 enterprise clients started to adopt services for company events, meetups and onboarding. Some key clients including 3M, Fidelity, Unilever and even Facebook became clients utilizing the services with revenues now growing organically and rapidly.

Network Planning & Inventory Tool

UnoTelos also has the network planning and inventory tool that allows automation from customer request to service fulfillment. It is a helpful tool for the planning and operational team.

Our Network Access GeoSuite, will help you stay ahead in this competitive landscape, enabling you with the following:

Accelerate your network rollout

Optimize your plan-build-rollout cycle with significant improvements to your design process and build accuracy.

Optimize your network utilization

Gain a comprehensive view of network and significantly improve utilization.

Better Onboarding Experience

Improve responsiveness to customer service requests.

Create Smarter Field Teams

Equip your teams with all the necessary network information to perform the task effectively.

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