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Our wireless technologies are one of the best driving forces for dependable and secure communication in hotels and hospitals.

We offer reliable and resilient wireless connections through our industrial-grade systems to fit the harsh circumstances needed for this sort of communication.

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The value your surveillance system can deliver is more important than the camera itself. Our solution supplies value-oriented services by turning insi...

Edge Device

Cameras, credential readers and radars are our growing list of edge devices at the heart of providing actionable data that our systems mine to deliver...


Analytics drives the business of intelligent decision-making with our suits of edge devices. Data collected from video cameras, access control readers, and radars are analyzed with our range of artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions to guide decision-making. Analytic solutions we provide include real-time face recognition, weapons detection, anomaly detection, behaviour recognition, demographics for marketing, and much more.

Access Control

Credential readers are access control devices that collect user data for authentication to either grant or deny access. They include RFID, NFC, cards and biometrics, user pins and Bluetooth. We integrate these into our surveillance system to deliver a robust unified security platform. Radars are excellent for open space surveillance with a significant reduction in cameras. Our radars deliver best-in-class resolution and coverage, offering supreme detection under all weather and lighting conditions, even in challenging/cluttered environments.

Video Management Services

You can truly experience the power of our edge devices to secure or control with our integrated management suits. Manage videos with events, alarms and storage with our user-friendly bespoke video management solutions. Achieve door control with user credentials via our access control management system.

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Are you ready to secure the most volatile environment and maximise every opportunity to your advantage?

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